Individual consulting

On the basis of our talks, we develop an investment strategy that is oriented at your objectives and requirements and suits you exactly – rather than the other way round.

In a consolidating way, we focus on the entirety of your assets as well as any existing business assets, doing so for the benefit of extended options for action in implementation. For this purpose, we use the global diversification potentials of all relevant asset classes. The result is a hand-tailored solution meeting your individual needs, restrictions, and benchmarks.

The investment policy of GN Finance is comprehensible and transparent, so that our clients are able at all times to understand their investment portfolio and the decisions taken. To that end, we communicate clearly, directly, and to the point, in the best interests of our clients. With stringent consistency and discipline, we act flexibly in the respective market environment, with enthusiasm for long-term trends and investment topics, which we are happy to make our clients familiar with.