Implementation of sustainability regulations by GN Finance AG

It is the objective of the European “Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation” (SFDR) and of the EU Taxonomy to further investment in sustainable financial products. These regulations have been in force in Liechtenstein since 1 May 2022. The regulatory and market developments in this regard are very dynamic at this time. GN Finance AG has therefore taken the conscious decision not to offer ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) conformal investment at this time. GN Finance AG is watching these developments very closely in order to create the operational basis on the medium term to make ESG-conformal investment possible.

No consideration of negative consequences to sustainability

The SFDR demands from companies with more than 500 employees that negative consequences to sustainability in the event of investment decisions be taken into account on the basis of defined indicators. Being a small enterprise, GN Finance AG has decided not to take into account the approximately 30 defined negative consequences at this time. This decision reflects firstly the observations under “Implementation of sustainability regulations by GN Finance AG”; secondly, the currently limited availability of data is another important argument for this decision.