Participation policy

GN Finance AG (hereinafter “the Company”) is an “asset manager” as defined in Art. 367a(3) of the Liechtenstein Personen- und Gesellschaftsrecht (PGR, Persons and Companies Act) and is therefore obliged to describe its participation policy pursuant to Art. 367h PGR).

  • The Company does not exercise any shareholder’s rights in the sense of Art. 367h(1)(1) PGR that are based on participation in the companies in which the Company has invested in the framework of asset management mandates. In particular, no rights with regard to the general meetings of shareholders of public limited companies / corporations are exercised. The right to receive a share in the profits and the entitlement to subscription rights are exercised in agreement with the clients.
  • Important issues of the companies in the sense of Art. 367h(1)(2) PGR are monitored by taking note of the legally prescribed reporting of the companies in financial reports and by ad-hoc-notices.
  • There is no exchange of opinion with the companies’ governing bodies and stakeholders in the sense of Art. 367h(1)(3) PGR.
  • There is no cooperation with other shareholders or with other relevant stakeholders of the company in the sense of Art. 367h(1)(5) and (1)(6) PGR.
  • Where a conflict of interest in terms of Art. 367h(1)(7) PGR occurs, this is disclosed towards the parties concerned in accordance with the provisions of the law, and the subsequent course of action is agreed with them.
  • There is no annual publication on the implementation of the participation policy as laid down in Art. 367h(2) PGR because no rights in this sense are asserted.
  • There is no publication of voting in the sense of Art. 367h(2) PGR because there is no participation in voting.

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